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Month: March 2017

ksh deliberately segfaults if the last command in a script crashes

I recently found that ksh will deliberately crash if the last command in a script crashes. Other shells just set the appropriate exit code, but ksh sends itself the same signal that its child received. This can confuse the unwary (i.e. me) when trying to track down what crashed with abrt logs.

Selectively blocking Samsung TVs’ network access

Old television

This TV probably wasn’t spying on you.

You may have read in the recent Wikileaks exposé that the CIA developed the capability of making Samsung TVs spy on their unsuspecting users. While this hack requires physical access (a specially crafted USB stick must be plugged into the telly), it got me thinking about the network traffic generated by smart TVs. I’ve already blocked a few domains that my unit connects to, and this seems like a good time to share my work.

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