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Month: October 2011

Should I let my iPhone send debugging information to Apple?

Like many—if not most—iPhone owners, I recently upgraded to iOS 5. As part of the upgrade process, the phone asked me if I would let it send debugging information to Apple. I instinctively answered ‘no’. However, after a bit of fiddling I found that you can view the data that it wants to send, so I decided to do a bit more digging, and eventually changed my mind. Here’s why.

Debug like a sysadmin: using strace and ltrace

Before I start, I should say this: I have nothing but admiration for good developers, and nothing in this article is meant to say otherwise. I started out as a C/C++ developer after I graduated, and after 15 months I figured out that I’m not very good at it. So I leave the code to the experts, and merely advise them as best I can. That is the spirit in which this article is written.

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