A couple of weeks ago (when I was supposed to be revising), I added some code to Armchair Auditor, a great bit of free software by Adrian Short. He wrote it to ingest spending data from Windsor and Maidenhead and present it to the public in a form that’s easily used for analysis and general poking around.

Recently, Cotswold District Council announced that it would start including all payments to suppliers without a lower limit (previously this limit was £500). My addition to Armchair Auditor allows for the processing of CDC’s spending data (with all its formatting idiosyncrasies) so that it can be presented in as useful a way.

I’m no data analyst, but perhaps there are interesting things to be found in the data. Have a look at the Cotswold District Council Armchair Auditor, and see what you can find—and please do leave a comment if anything interesting turns up!