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Digitising my radio memorabilia

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A few weeks ago I dug out two bulging ring-binders full of brochures, letters, leaflets and books that I received in the late 80s and early 90s from radio stations all over the world. I scanned a fascinatingly po-faced bit of propaganda from communist Albania, before (possibly foolishly) deciding to scan the lot and make it all available. I figured that some of this stuff must be pretty rare, and possibly of interest to someone or other. Then again, maybe not 🙂

It’s a huge task: I’m no archivist, and I don’t have a big fancy scanner like they do at work, so it’ll be a while before it’s all available.

Have a look at what I’ve done so far (at the time of writing I’m only half-way through ‘C’!).


Leafing through the Marxist-Leninist press


Moving from Debian ‘stable’ WordPress to the latest version


  1. Rob

    HI Ian,
    I used to listen avidly to Radio Moscow (broadcasts to GB and Ireland) from 1977-83. I don’t suppose you have recordings from those years at all do you (Moscow Mailbag?, Science and Engineering, etc) ? I’m trying to track down archives. VOR said they don’t have them!!


  2. Hi Ian, I am apparently the someone who finds the old shortwave radio station cards and brochures interesting. I have forwarded the link to family as a reference for communist era as we have traveled through Eastern Europe in the last four years.

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